Driger MA-9U Table Microphone Array

Driger MA-9U Table Microphone Array

  • Digital array microphone
  • 8-meters voice pickup
  • Plug and play
  • Multiple Audio Algorithms
  • Intelligent Voice Tracking
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Digital Array Microphone, Long Distance Voice Pickup High SNR ring microphone array design, clear pickup from long distance. Let the speaker move around more freely in the room and get rid of the constraints.

Blind Beamforming, Automatic Alignment to Speaker

Blind beamforming, precise positioning, adaptive sound field environment can achieve voice enhancement and better anti-interference ability.

Smart Audio Algorithms, Clear Natural Sound Built-in powerful audio processing unit, ultra-low signal processing delay; Adaptive fast convergence algorithm, voice intelligent tracking, intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, automatic gain, de-reverberation and other advanced technologies, double-talk without suppression, you can easily listen in noisy environments. For ordinary users, there is no need for professional tuning, and it can be used for regular conference applications when it is turned on. For enthusiast users, you can also open the EQ interface and enter the professional tuner mode for personalized high-end tuning.

PoE Cascading, Even Coverage of Conference Room Pickup Flexible setting of master and slave devices, multiple cascades through PoE network cables, distributed pickup and interaction, evenly covering medium and large conference room spaces.

Standard Interface, Plug and Play Equipped with standard USB and Aux audio interfaces, the device is plug and play, and can meet the dual-mode application of digital and analog audio.

Desktop/Ceiling/Wall Mounting, Simple and Flexible Deployment Support desktop/ceiling/wall mounting, flexible and fast deployment, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 20.00 × 30.00 × 20.00 cm
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