• Equipped with four high S/N beam forming microphones and two extension microphones
  • Support AI echo cancellation and noise reduction,impressive sound performance
  • Large voice pickup range can cover the demand of a large conferencing room.

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4+2 Digital Array Microphone

Equipped with four high SNR omnidirectional Microphone array to locate the speaker’s direction and position. Built-in advanced audio algorithms can support AI echo cancellation and noise reduction,impressive sound performance, large voice pickup range can cover the demand of a large conferencing room.

AI Audio Noise Reduction Technology

Adopting multi microphone extraction technology with self positioning target speakers, it can shield common conference noise such as keyboard, mouse or table tapping, fan sound, etc. During full duplex calls, it can achieve dual talk without pressure and clear calls, allowing attendees to focus more on the conference content discussion.

Fashionable Business Appearance

All aluminum alloy box, metallic silver color scheme, highly textured, suitable for various business scenarios such as meeting rooms and offices.

AI Echo Cancellation System

Equipped with a new generation of traditional signal processing and deep learning echo cancellation system, using highly robust traditional signal processing algorithms and integrating the latest deep learning network (CrossNet). It achieves the effects of both echo cancellation, noise reduction, and ensuring speech quality.

Professional Design of Sound Chamber

High fidelity acoustics is used to design the sound chamber, and the tweeter and bass speaker units are matched, and professional sound effects are used to tune. When playing music as a desktop audio, the bass is thick, the tweeter is thorough, the voice is clear and natural, and the voice is more exquisite.

Plug and Play

Equipped with standard USB2.0 interface, compatible with Type-A/C connection, device plug and play, and compatible with various mainstream conference software.




360 °


50Hz – 16kHz

Frequency RANGE


Sampling Rate
Microphone TypeHigh signal-to-noise ratio digital silicon microphone
Microphone ArrayBuilt in six (4+2) MEMS microphones
Microphone Range360 ° omnidirectional pickup
Polar Distance“Main microphone: 3m Extended microphone: 2m”
Sampling Rate32 KHz high-definition broadband audio
Effective Frequency Range“50Hz ~ 16kHz “
Signal to Noise Ratio94 dB SPL @ 1 kHz , 68 dB(A)
Sensitivity94 dB SPL @ 1 kHz , -35 dBFS
Hardware Interface 
Power Supply Mode“Power: DC12V/2A,External power supply to power the microphone Operating Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz”
Supportive SystemWindows / Mac / Android / Linux
USB InterfaceUSB Type-C 2.0×3 (PC×1, external mic×2 )
Pilot LampCircular indicator strip with multiple color combinations, allowing users to easily identify the current working status of the microphone in the product, making operation convenient and concise
KeyTap the buttons (volume+, volume -, mute, hang up, dial)
Speaker TypeHigh frequency × 1+Low frequency × 1
Rated Output Power15W
Effective Frequency Range50Hz ~ 20kHz
Volume89 dBA @ 1m
THD< 3%
Noise suppression“AI noise reduction, eliminating various stationary and non-stationary disturbances. Noise, maximum background noise suppression: 90 Db”
Full-duplexFull duplex voice
Echo CancellationAI algorithm for echo cancellation
Gain ControlIntelligent gain adjustment control within 10m, clear pickup
Reverberation SuppressionUsing AI algorithm to reduce reverberation
Generic Spec 
Product Dimension“Main microphone :150mm (L) × 150mm (W) ×89mm (H); Extended microphone :80mm (L) × 80mm (W) × 25mm (H)”
Package Dimension297mm × 248mm × 125mm
Weight“Main microphone : 1.23 kg Extended microphone : 0.13 kg × 2”
Environmental Requirements“Temperature:0° C ~ 40° C (operating state), -40° C ~ 60° C (non-operating state) Relative humidity:45% ~ 90% (operating state), 30% ~ 90% (non-operating state)”


Brochure with Specifications

Model: SP-7U

User Manual

Model: SP-7U

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