WM-50 Wireless Collaboration System

  • Seamless Wireless Conferencing with Video Conferencing Platform
  • Multiscreen Presenting up to 4 Smart Devices
  • Support max 4KP60fps output
  • One touch to your whole system
  • Smooth AV and HD picture quality
  • Extend up to 4 Display for large room
  • High Standard Network Security

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Seamless Wireless Conferencing with Video Conferencing Platform

Easily integrates with existing UC Room camera, mic, speaker, and display with laptops wirelessly.

Multiscreen Presenting up to 4 Smart Devices

Allows up to 16 users to connect their PCs, tablets or smartphones to WM-50 base unit simultaneously, while 4 users can mirror screen as the main screen.

One touch to Whole System

With just a touch, your cameras, video/soundbars are wirelessly accessed from your PC.

Extend up to 4 Display for large room

Compatible for large room. Duplicate/Extend to multiple screens at once.

Collab with All Smart Devices

With Windows, macOS and Android, all important operating systems and platforms are natively supported. Apple Devices can be connected via AirPlay and Miracast are available platform-independently. Android can be connected via mobile apps “WirelessMedia2”.

Smooth AV and HD picture quality

With HDMI 2.0 video output standard and 19 bit, 60 HZ audio quality. Supports up to 60HZ full HD 1080P video and best picture quality up to 4K.


Model No WM-50
Description Wireless AV Content Sharing & BYOD collaboration System
HDMI Output HDMI output 1x HDMI 19-pin female connector
Video Output Resolution 3840×2160@60Hz, 3840×2160@30Hz, 1920x 1080@60Hz
Format Compliance HDMI1.4/HDMI2.0
Video / Audio Formats Video Capacity 1080P@<60Hz Airplay for IOS devices, 1080P@ <60Hz “Wireless
Media” app, 1080P@ <60Hz for all show-me button
Analog Audio Output 1x 3.5mm PC audio female connectors
LAN Port RJ45 x2: 1000Mbps x 1, 100Mbps x 1
Interface USB Interface USB3.0 x 3, USB 2.0 x 1, Type-C x 2
Audio Input AirPlay, Windows/MAC, WMH, USB/BT SpeakerPhone
Control Connectors 3.5mm Phoenix terminal/ RS232 interface
Window Simultaneous on Screen ≥4+ 14(4 main windows+14 thumbnail windows)
Number of simultaneous Connections ≥ 16
Wireless Data Rate Up to 1200Mbps
Features Frame Rate 20-60 FPS
Latency <100ms, Min 20ms
Wireless Trasmission Protocol WIFI IEEE 802. 1 1 a/g/n/ac
Frequency band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
Dimension 165mm x 95mm x 24.5mm
Weight 0.4lbs (200g)
Temperature (-)20 °C to 60 °C
Humidity 20% to 90%
DC Power 12V / POE
General POE Standard IEEE802.3af
Power Consumption 10W(MAX)
Dynamic Wi-Fi Password Included
Data encryptione AES&RSA
Wireless Display Technology Airplay, Miracast, chromecast, App for different OS
Dongle HDMI with USB / Type-C
Video Frame Rate 20 – 60fps
Latency 100ms
Control RS232,Telnet, Central Management App
Management Platform Batch configuration, Batch upgrade and User manager
Split-screen 4
Wireless USB Cam/Speaker, Mic Supported
Wireless Touchback Supported
Collaboration Whiteboard annotation Supported
Remote View Supported


Brochure with Specifications

Model: WM-50

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